Friday, March 27, 2020

day 14 dispatch and fog

This afternoon, I decided to brave a quick two block trip to the bank ATM to move some money back into the right account for some bills and press supplies I need to order stat  (doing it online takes a bit longer.)   I hadn't been out since well before the stay at home order, so it felt important to make sure the world beyond my window was still actually there.  I also thought I might stop in a store and see if they have some more eggs, since I've been hitting the omelets hard for breakfast, and just generally use them for various other things like french toast, fried rice,  and hard boiled for salads.  It was rainy and drizzly, and while there were markedly less people out than a usual Friday, I did still see quite a few people out and about even in the rain. Many solo, but a few in twos or threes.  Some with masks, some without.  It was strange to see the CTA busses still running, cars still sitting at stoplights.  There were a few people in the 7-11, most of them buying booze, but I did find both eggs and ice cream well-stocked.

It was an unproductive day mostly, since I was up kind of early, so then needed a nap later in the day. I did put the final edits on my Programming Librarian article that went live this afternoon, and added more to my developing Lib Guide for zines I hope to have finished by Monday in time for #zinemadness. Yesterday I worked on some new layouts for dgp and answered some e-mails.  I feel a little bit more settled in, yet still have these weird frozen moments of uncertainty.  I also sleep too much, but I suppose it's better than sleeping too little.  Depression naps vs. anxiety insomnia, so I guess I'll take it. Sleeping at least when the dreams aren't terrible, is comforting. So is Ben & Gerry's.

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