Saturday, January 04, 2020

hello 2020 | library life goals

1. I have notes and half-finished drafts for a number of different library-related subject matter that I've been puttering away at in bits and pieces that I'd like to pull together more cohesively and send out for publication.   Curated learning, library marketing, how to use social media for learning & educational purposes, etc..

2. Like with everything in my life, I would like to be more intentional this coming year.  It will help that I'll be back to only doing my main responsibilities (we are supposed to be hiring the ILL position in the next month or so.)  The last couple of years, with everything stretched so thin in the department, I feel like so much is triaged and I have to table a lot of things and approaches in the interest of routine and time. There is also a new job title (and eventually, a raise) on the horizon, which will open up some new possibilities.

3. We have the possibility of a dedicated space on the 4th floor for workshops (and thankfully supply storage, things are getting scary in my cubicle.)  We'll be able to do larger things and not have to set up and take down, so people can work on things a little longer, let things dry, etc.  I want to amp up our workshops--even if they are things we've done before, I want to make them bigger and better and learn new things myself to incorporate.)

4.  We've begun planning this upcoming semester's programming already, including our FUTURE TENSE: IMAGINED WORLDS FROM THE MARGINS focus, for which we've already been plotting collaborative zine nights with the Chicago Public Library, so it should be an interesting topic.  I will also soon be posting our artist call for the dystopias exhibit, which I am excited about and plan to exhibit something--either from ordinary planet or something new I have up my sleeve.

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