Tuesday, April 30, 2019

writing & art bits | april edition

*Some text & collages from the exquisite damage series appear in the most recent issue of  Radar Poetry, There are some more fragments forthcoming in elsewhere soon, as well as in a past issue of ethel. The project is sort of the center piece of my dark country manuscript, so I'm happy all of the pieces are slowly filtering out there..it's more lyric essay than poems in most places, so it's also some newer territory for me.

*the terrible place (see above), which is the visual portion of exquisite damage,  is progressing along nicely and I should have it wrapped up by mid-summer.

*I'm planning on hosting an open studio in June (the 14th), the first in at least a couple years.  I have about a month and a half to prepare and restock a whole bunch of things, as well as make the studio presentable, but it needs to be done and summer is the best time to make it happen.  I also, over the weekend, procured myself one of these little lovelies which means all sorts of iron-on-vinyl fun to come...

*As of yesterday, I am running 2/6 on the 100 rejections effort, which is not bad odds wise (from either side of the coin), but am puzzled over some of the nays, which seem like the strongest work I'm putting out there, but are catching the most disinterest. *sigh*

* The artist statement pieces are starting to stack up and gain momentum. Despite my napowrimo plans going south, I did finish out the HH Holme's project this month and make a sizeable dent in that, so I suppose it's something to show for a pretty busy April.

* early plans are underway for the physical manifestation of the strangerie project, which will most likely be a series of postcards, basically cabinet cards with poem, or maybe something like a divination deck of some sort.

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