Friday, February 08, 2019

vintage obsession | rock star coats

I've mentioned a couple times my tendency to throw outerwear at my seasonal affective disorder and hope it goes away.  Since we are amid another chill after a brief respite from all that polar vortex nonsense last week, so I thought it the perfect opportunity to the dwell on my love of what I like to term rock star coats. To truly be a rockstar coat, the main requirement is some sort of fur collar and cuffs, and the trench itself usually leather or duede, but there are some wool ones that fill the bill.  I have a shorter one in my possession, as well as a long faux shearling that works when it's really, really cold. The most famous style icon here would be Kate Hudson's character in high fidelity, though the seventies were rocking them pretty hard. The bonus of the suede and fur is that they are usually super warm and perfect for this sort of weather.

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