Monday, February 11, 2019

notes & things | 2/11/2019

Two nights in a row, I dreamt about lions in places where lions should not be.  One my parent's backyard where we watched from the window, and the second night, in a schoolyard I was trying to escape from, but the lion kept approaching for cuddles, which I indulged a little, but all the while afraid it would kill me.  Somewhere, there is probably a meaning to this, though last night I dreamt about making out with other writers, male and female, at AWP.  (which I have never done, nor will I be going to the conference this year..) Not sure what this meant, only that someone mentioned AWP on facebook shortly before bedtime.

It was  a quiet but busy weekend..and I watched some good things on Netflix amid my writing-related things-most noteably Velvet Buzzsaw (watch for a post on this tomorrow) and Russian Doll, which last week was hard to get through the first episode without feeling panicky, but I was able to finish it off last night entirely. The light is noticeably longer and I am mostly feeling good about February, though I am still feeling weighed down by how much there is to do. This week will be busy in the library as well, with the pendant workshop on Tues and the surrealist love letters reading on Valentines Day.  Friday's Rom Com Trivia Night's  attendance was small, but it was still a lot of fun and featured the above trophy which seemed fitting.

Yesterday, I spent some more time with the hunger palace, as well as plotting some places to send fragments from it and other projects.  I wrote some blog entries for the week and planned out some press related tasks that will be coming up.  I drank a lot of coffee and ate pop tarts and kept alternately moving the space heater closer and further away from my feet. Today, there's waffles and tea and cleaning and maybe some monotype making. Surely some napping. 

I am impatient for spring.  For not having to pile on l the layers and swiftly remove them in the library before I overheat and am looking forward to tights-less days where I can just slip on a dress and my my shoes and head out the door. As much as I love my winter outerwear, I love my lighter jackets best. Or better, no jacket at all.

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