Tuesday, February 05, 2019

all work and no play

I've been running on empty creative-wise since the beginning of the year, or at least it feels like it. I have been managing some daily writing pieces, but even so they feel more analytical.  Since I started those analog collages over break, outside of a couple of cover designs, I haven't been working visually at all, much less anything sort of fun and low commitment.  There are series of collages I want to start, need to start, but these are falling at the end of the day when my energy reserves are super-low and my mind sort of ragged after a million other things.

Last night was our first Library zine night of the semester, and though there were six-million things I could have been doing that would help quell the loss of all that time to cold weather closings last week, I decided to sit down and devote a little time to the next crypto society zine, one that I had been mentally plotting since summer, but just couldn't get time to make it happen. Obviously, answering e-mails and dealing with library and press business , or even just writing business, should take precedence over such silliness, but if I wait too long on fun things, I start to get a little resentful. I also technically really need to make a few new things for Zine Fest, which we'll be tabling at this May, so it's fiscally useful and not mere silliness (I sold more crypto zines last year than anything else at the table.)

But it's hard to decide when to do the inconsequential thing when there are other more important things afoot, but I realize I desperately need to, at least once in a while to keep myself from getting super crabby about planned endeavors that never pan out.

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