Tuesday, January 08, 2019

notes & things | 1/8/2018

I have been struggling the past week to right the ship that the holiday break  nearly sunk in terns of order and organization. I  am still struggling on pretty much every front--ILL duties, course reserves for spring, planning for events in the library. Chaps to finalize and layout in the studio, more orders to get on their way.   I overslept this morning by a half hour and have been off all day. This week has been a grey spate of wintry weather, but thank god, only rain and not snow. When I got downtown, I almost saw the sun today , but it was also raining simultaneously and somehow I feel this is a metaphor for something.

This earlier shift throws me and I'll be happy to be back to my nights in a few weeks. Until then, I muddle through way more exhausted than I should be. It's also thrown off my writing schedule since I land at work first and not the studio. And there, my attention is usually drawn in a dozen different directions.  I am going to try writing when I get out at 7 and head over to the studio, but by then my brain is already kind of fried. Somehow I managed to make it work this past summer, but then again, I am more awake in the warmer weather and far more focused.  I would like to finish off the SWALLOW poems before the semester and its chaos begins and get a start on something else.

In the Library--I've been plotting out our Strange Fevers focus programming and some game activities--a board game night, a trivia night devoted to rom coms right before V-Day.  Also, our Surrealist Love Letter's reading happening on the 14th--this year's incarnation of Breton's Birthday.  I'm also doing collage pendant and bookwrecking workshops this semester, so keep an eye out for those.

I'm at work on some new books coming out soon, but also the Slender Man anthology project, Mansion. As well as author copies and orders for the books that were released in December. I do have some work lined up for the issue of wicked alice I'm working on, now that we are going back to that format, so I'm hoping to get that in gear by early February. 

This past weekend, I did get a chance to work on some collages using those old issues of TIME I lugged home from the library, so I will be sharing those as soon as I get them to a scanner.  Until then..

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