Sunday, January 06, 2019

dgp cover love

I've been working on a slate of new covers for the new year of books that will begin releasing soon, but these are a few of the remaining original designs I did for the tail end of 2018. I'm feeling in a simpler, more graphic mood of late and this probably shows in the designs (and particularly with the ones that are forthcoming.) All of them were based on some idea back and forth with the author and then tweaked with their suggestions.  All turned out to be absolutely lovely.

 Since I only use a couple varieties of cardstock for covers--a linen and a matte, I particularly love those books that seem to have a very different sort of texture going--the watercolor and parchment backgrounds, and of course, the glitter (this is actually foray #2 in that).   I've been doing this in general art-wise, particularly when I am collaging digitally (the impossible objects series is a good example.) 

There were others recenlt launched that are similarly lovely but not quite entirely original on my part, some using existing artwork and some courtesy of other designers and sometimes the authors can see more of those here..

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