Saturday, December 01, 2018

style obsessions | land of a thousand coats

There is something always oddly comforting about watching Gilmore Girls.  Maybe it's a certain nostalgia that in some ways feels very 90's even though the show debuted one year shy of the decade. I caught much of the first season--it was on the WB when my Buffy vieweing was at it's peak and I still had my evenings free of work before I shifted schedules.   When it premiered that fall, he worst thing that had happened had been that the 90's had ended and Gore was looking to have lost the election.  I liked the shows snappy smart talk and female focus. Later I'd be spending my nights in the library, but I would catch occasional episodes in reruns.  When Netflix brought it back around a couple years ago, I decided to watch it, and then worked my way through the old ones over the next month or so entirely.  This fall, I got the urge to watch the again.  In part becuase I like that circa false 90's innocense, as well as it being a very fall/winter themed sort of show (not entirely, but it feels like it).

Also, one of my fave things,  outside of hating on Rory's budding affluenza and entitlement, is the CLOTHES. Lorelai has the best clothes of any tv character in recent memory, and Rory, especially in her Yale years, has her moments. But the coats--the coats--oh my....both of the gals have the best coats...which is perhaps why it always seems like Stars Hollow is in perpetual fall/winter.

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