Sunday, September 30, 2018

notes & things | 09/30/2018

I'm calling it Octoberish, though technically the month does not land until tomorrow. I have a busy week ahead, starting with zine night on Monday, hanging the art for Beautiful Monstrosities, and the artist panel on Thursday.I am also trying not to leave everything for Indie Press prep til next week, so there is some of that. The past few days, things have been fallish, cloudy and cool, and it seems to have suddenly shortened the days  by increasing increments.  It happens suddenly each spring and fall, the daylight lengthening or shortening, gradually, then all at once.

I've closed all my windows and last night, curled up on the couch with a blanket for the first time in months to watch some old American Horror Stories (Murder House, Season 1).  I've been digging season 8 so far in all it's apocalyptic glory and figure I'll binge  as many seasons while I can while waiting the interminable weeks between new episodes. (I bought the season pass on Amazon streaming last week.)  Now that it's officially the witching season, I also intend to dig deeper into my own personal horror marathon (last week's exploits were re-watching Hell House, LLC (really good), some Alicia Silverstone/Jeff Goldblum movie from the 90's (really bad), and the original Piranha (so bad it's good.)

I am still making my way through the new submissions and playing catch up on orders.   I have a couple new titles almost ready to go that will be unveiling this week.  I am at the point where I inevitable fall a bit behind on new releases, but actually need the lull to get some other things under control.  I am excited about the new things I am choosing from the submissions for next year, as well as what is still coming down the pipeline. I'm hoping to make a little more progress this month on the anthology and getting an issue of wicked alice under wraps soon.

I am getting closer and closer to the end of taurus and am feeling pretty good about it.   I wanted to finish it out before the end of the month, but there is still some more work needed, some holes yet unfilled. The serial installments will continue until I've exhausted everything that needs to be there. My Tiny Letter project, however, is pretty much wrapped up, so I will be switching to a new series over there and putting exquisite damage aside until I have more of book #10 (which also includes taurus and the slender man pieces), and for which I am already tossing around a title for that I hope will stick. After that,  I'll likely be moving onto really digging into automagic, which is just a few pieces at this point, but promising ones.  I'm hoping to continue the productivity into the fall and have both full-lengths in the works ready to start submitting next summer or fall.  There is also the ever stalled out unusual creatures artist book project and the zodiac poems, whatever will come of them as I work on more.  I did manage to get the science of impossible objects up for sale in the shop (and will be talking a bit more about it in depth in a week or so.)

I am in the process of a studio tidy and things are looking much more orderly there.  Right now with library things scheduled for the second Friday, the plans for opens studios remains every elusive, but might be able to swing the holiday one in December if I can keep my head above water.  

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