Monday, September 17, 2018

notes & things | 09/17/18

Throughout the afternoon, the cicadas are noisy enough that they are creeping into poems, including today's draft of a taurus piece. (there were already goats and a wooden cow, so I figured what the hell.)  But the fall light, I feel it, even though it was muggy and humid. Soon the trees will start changing and dropping and I feel like I am ready for it  Have been longing for it moreso than other years.

I spent some time Saturday while I was working sending out submissions from the Slender Man pieces and sending some other creative pieces I owed people. (including what looks to be an awesome tarot-inspired collab project from Jane Flett and for which the above is my contribution.) I was also finally able to scan in some of the botanicals that I've had sitting on the shelf behind my desk for moths--some of them part of florographia, some just for fun. (and florographia is still at this point, a loose miasma of text and image that is still just all over the place, so we'll see what happens.) Also, some new zodiac prints that are coming along nicely...(see below)

This week, we are getting ready for our first fall Book to Art meeting with this year's title, War of the Worlds (and for which I am determined to do some research on in the next couple of days (more on that soon.)  It will dovetail nicely with our spring focus topic on mass delusions and confusions.  We are also beginning to look through submissions for the Beautiful Monstrosities exhibit and sending out responses this week. So far, things look amazing and I am excited to work out what we can fit on the walls. 

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with Alice Bolin's DEAD GIRLS:  ESSAYS ON SURVINING AN AMERICAN OBSESSION and am loving it.  (more on that in another entry about writing and reading both dead and deadly girls.)  In the first 20 pages, though,  it mentioned not only Pretty Little Liars, but dgp-fave Khadijah Queen's I'm So Fine, so I knew it was going to be promising. 

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