Saturday, September 09, 2017

I am headed tomorrow to Rockford for a hospital visit, but today I am doing my best interpretation of a cat--sleeping late into the afternoon and staying close to home.  This morning, I dreamed my mother was a fish or mermaid and kept diving into a pool and reappearing until she didn't.  I also dreamed that she lived in a house where the walls were cracking collapsing but that she one day woke up and was completely cured of her ailments. I also dreamed I was at a wedding or a high school reunion, it seemed to be both at the same time, and my most recent ex was there, drunk as per usual, and trying to make things happen again.  Also, later that I went for cocktails with my sister at a mint-boothed swanky 50's bar I wished existed in real life, also populated with badly behaving exes, but then, rushing out, lost her out on the street. Perhaps this goes back to my mother's ominous "Take care of your sister" before she went into surgery last week. (all very funny since I always see my sister, though four years younger, as the more adult of the two of us.)

Today, I will drink coffee with too much sugar and maybe play with paint markers and write some. We had a glorious start to the Gaming Society season yesterday with Old School Board Game (which I didn't get to even play because all the tables and chairs were full--a good problem to have.)  We have our first zine night coming up Monday devoted to coloring book zines, and I may be working on a #2 to Botanical Zine series.  There are other plans underway, including our Tattoo Exhibit and week of events, the Little Indie Press Festival in late October.

I am adrift on delayed summer dgp titles and will be soon moving into fall, so watch for a scattershot of releases happening in the next couple of weeks.  I am also steadily wading in the submission pool and sending out more responses. Writing wise, I am just beginning to type up everything in the Unusual Creatures project notebook. I'm also finishing up the art zine for IN | VERTEBRATE, which is the belated August installment. September's offering will be the trio of Crypto Zines, so keep an eye out for those.

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