Friday, March 03, 2017

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Okay, technically it's not yet spring.  And technically I'm a little early with my spring wardrobe switchout (I usually aim for St Patties Day) but it's been so mild off and on the past few weeks, I thought I would get a jump on my closet and put away those dreary winter duds for another year (when they will once again seem cozy and interesting).

Spring is hard to dress for. It's still chilly in most of March and April, so winter coats stay out for awhile and only mid-April to jackets begin to happen.  While I have put away things like flannel dresses and sweater dresses, I will no doubt be wearing sweaters with the brighter, lighter spring patterned frocks for awhile, and probably even tights for a bit longer.   Most of my spring clothes are those which are a little lighter and in the pastel ranges, plus a lot of my 4 season wears that can pass all of them depending on what I wear with them. Some things are definitely moving toward summer and I probably won't be able to wear them properly until April.

Some of my favorite spring things are filmy watercolor-inspired florals, an abundance of stripes, wrap dresses lots of soft greys and maybe some greens, pinks, and lavenders.  I picked up the cutest black halter dress with chrysanthemums last week on Poshmark that will either be for my New Orleans trip in late April or our fancy Library Award shindig around the same time. I also went on a bit of a shoe binge the week before last..I had been going to replace some boots that I'd worn out completely, but in lieu of those (I am done with winter anyway), I picked up several pairs of ballet flats and mary janes that should fill all my warmer footware needs.

I also did a little purging--though not as much as I anticipated..some older pieces that were either worn or two big, something I'd intended to mend but realized it was far too complicated a job.  Switching things out does have the the effect of streamlning a little each time it happens, which keeps me from holding on to things I either am not all that excited about or are well past their wearing days. A lot of it might be a certain amount of scarcity thinking.  I used to be about 2 sizes larger, so cute plus clothes were hard to come by and nothing really fit. I have a few more options now and things just fit better in general, but I'm still stuck occasionally in the attitude that there are so few things I like that I should hold onto everything (even if it's seen much better days.)

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