Saturday, October 08, 2016

The last two weeks have been the same rushing train of activity and no where to step off.  First, our Uncanny Specimens week went phenomenally well, the panel interesting and informative with our artists, the printmaking fun and now one of my favorite techniques for prints and definitely one to revisit (see photos below), and  the cryptooology readings on Wednesday awesome as ever.  I was coming down with a cold and fever the final part of the week, but it's now abated, leaving only a slow raspy cough in its wake.

Last weekend included our visit to Michigan State to host a zine table at the Cultural Rhetorics conference, and then Sunday, finally a day off to right the ship, but not really at all, so I'm laying low this weekend, napping and finishing up some creative business--a conversation with one of my fellow BLP authors, Cynthia Manick, for their website,  some blurb writing for other poets, some work on the florographia centos.  Maybe some painting tomorrow with some accordian books.  I'm in the midst of really getting rolling with our Indie Press Festival plans, which is coming up in a couple weeks and for which readers need to be lined up, details ironed out, etc...It's soon followed by a workshop playing with vintage photos, which should also be fun.

In press news, I am still hacking my way through the thickest of the summer submissions and about to release another batch of chaps as soon as I get the last of the author copies due to go out out the door. Plus a whole bunch of orders I am perpetually behind on lately.  I am hoping to have responses to all subs out the door by Thanksgiving this year, so I think I am holding to the rails...Until next time,,,

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