Sunday, January 24, 2016

So this week has been filled with reserve collection crazy and bookstore orders in the studio and general business, but I did manage to not only bingewatch American Horror Story's latest season but also to put the finishing touches on the apocalypse book and send it off. This weekend, I've also played around a bit with my brand new set of acrylics from Christmas and hid out from the world, but it's Sunday night, and Monday means back to reality.  Back to the inbox and layouts and all hopefully a little more awake than I've been during the break's early hours.

As for the book, I am feeling pretty good about sending it out into the world.  There is also more progress on SALVAGE's release come spring, author photo and bio choosing, and a cover soon no doubt.  When I'm not doing it, writing again feels very far away (I've been tweaking and editing more than generating the past two months--necessary, but less fun).  I plan on getting back to the blonde joke poems now that that manuscript has been tidied up and sent out, and also sending out some of the new work to journals.

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