Sunday, February 15, 2015

Today, I was rifling through my flickr account and stumbled upon some photos of dgp operations circa 2007, back when everything was crammed into my dining room--the whole swirling morass of printers and cardstock, trimmers and shipping envelopes. From 2004 til late 2007, everything pretty much happened in my apartment. Around the time we moved into the studio was around the time, dgp really started to grown beyond a handful of titles a year (4 or 5 vs. 50 +). It was also the same time that other artsy craftsy stuff and the etsy shop were taking off, so there was a lot happening in that rather small room stuffed with books and supplies. (though now, you could say my dining room is still a mess with art supplies & sewing machines & all the stuff I tend to work on at home.)  I was also finishing up my MFA that year, which meant alot of poems & schoolwork were happening at that table.  (These days my writing happens more in my living room where the bookshelves are housed and I have my little desk set up, mostly to keep the laptop away from the messier things like paint and modpodge.)

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