Tuesday, December 31, 2013

sayonara 2013

You were a year of watercolor experiments and household organization. Of tiki bar expeditions and lunchtime margaritas. Of writing apocalypse poems and devouring semi trashy YA novels.   Of new book releases and readings in bookstores, bars, and breweries.  Of turning 39 along the Mississippi coast. Of rabbit dresses and manuscript reading for dgp.  Of daily ice cream and August trips to the wilds of the Wisconsin north woods. Of journal submissions and new projects.  Of apple orchards and anniversary fetes.  Of early snow and perfecting my chicken soup recipe. While not hardly a perfect year,  prone to kitty losses and both romantic and technical malfunction of various persuasions, you were still a productive year, a good writing year,a somewhat healthy year (well healthi-ER anyway),  and far more good than bad...

Today, I celebrated the beginning of NYE by waiting for my groceries to be delivered and re-organzing/color coordinating my cardigan collection (Saturday's thrifting expedition went well and I scored more sweaters than could fit in my drawer as/was.)    As for the rest, I may do some painting or writing or read the last of the submissions for the typewriter anthology. I may work on some jewelry or watch SyFy channel shows or read. I may finish unpacking my holiday gift haul or I may just nap all day. There will probably be take-out and some boy-time much later after said boy gets off work, but I am determined not to leave the apartment if humanly possible.  I did get a good chunk of studio time in yesterday after I got back into town, and plan to head back later this week for a full day, and I am not library-bound til Monday, so mostly I am just relaxing.

As for 2014, lets hope it's a good one.  See you on the flip side...

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