Friday, December 20, 2013

dgp 2013

We're reaching the end of another great year for the dancing girl press chapbook series with so much on the horizon in 2014. At the end of February,  we'll be taking AWP Seattle by storm with a book fair table slot, some author signings,  a panel on publishing women authors, and a reading with some other great indie presses (Sundress, Noctuary, Hyacinth Girl)l. We'll also be producing a whole new slew of chaps starting in January (including some stragglers left over from this year), publishing our awesome typewriter anthology project [carriage return], and embarking the new zine subscription series.  As with every year, we are so amazed and delighted by the  quality and breadth work we get to publish each year and humbled by the support of our authors and readers. 

Many discussions have been afoot recently regarding the trials of women authors in a sadly, in places, still male dominated literary community, and we hope that with each new dancing girl press series title, we are adding yet another woman's voice to the conversation that is American (and sometimes overseas) poetry, and by doing so, helping to close that gap.

It's our ten year anniversary as well, so plan for lots of giveaways and celebratory hijinks.. Until then...

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