Monday, June 03, 2013


So Monday, and another week blooming with moderate weather. This afternoon, I've been trying decide what to read for my W4tB series feature.  I'm thinking a bit of sideshow action, some of the little moon poems, and, of course, my favorites, the apocalypse series. (I'm about as crazy for these as the JF pieces, which means people probably get sick of me reading them if they happen to wind up at more than one reading).  Nevertheless, I'll probably be focusing on the new book releases in upcoming readings, so I suppose I can indulge myself a bit now before I have to do the "Buy My Book Dance" later this year.  Of course it's always probably that dance, just less overtly, since I will be toting along some copies of havoc just in case.

Saturday's reading at Uncharted Books was great, with other awesome women poets.  Not to mention, while I rarely make it out to blue line environs or Logan Square, the bookstore is a gem (and they have a dog!) so I hope to get back there soon.

Otherwise, this week will just be pulling together some new releases for the press, working on some other lay outs, and maybe settling in with some more radio ocularia collages and text.  Luckily, they are working on the exterior of the Fine Arts and had to remove the a/c temporarily, so if the weather stays temperate, I can actually get some work done there on a big bookstore order and a library subscription that's under way.

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