Thursday, May 30, 2013

We are closing out another week and there is much in the way of design work for a batch of upcoming chaps that should be hatching in the next couple of weeks (books whose designs entail all sorts of things, including seascapes, psychoanalysis diagrams, boxing memorabilia, exploitation film posters, and anatomical diagrams). I am also, wading my way through wicked alice submissions in an effort to catch up and improve response times (the rest of the press business takes so much of my time, things sit way too long in the inbox and accepted work sits way too long in the queue.  I keep thinking if I just had another hour here and there I could stem the chaos, but I never get there.  It's pretty much all chaos, all the time.  I think I've been waiting for about 6 years to actually catch my breath on things and be caught up to an acceptable level, but I'm realizing it's never gonna happen really.

I am getting ready for a couple readings around the first of the month, enjoying the warm (though a bit muggy and stormy) weather, and plotting out ways to enjoy summer, or maybe moreso to seize summer so that it doesn't wriggle half away before I even appreciate that it's here.

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