Friday, May 10, 2013

getting in touch with the chaos muppet, part 2

I've talked a bit before about the chaos muppet/ order muppet dichotomy and I'm feeling a little bit of order muppet angst, ie shit's getting done, orders going out, books getting made, things getting laid out, but I'm also feeling a little stalled out creatively. I've written a whole bunch of nothing since I got back from Mississippi and nothing on the visual front, including a couple upcoming cover designs I've been waffling over.  This month and last seem sort of jagged which makes it easy to breeze through things productively, but difficult to relax and settle into anything that involves concentration for any length of time.

Spring seems have slipped away again, and today it's gray and chilly and my patience with just about everything is waning.  I am doomed to the library for another two days this weekend, so despite my love of having extra time in the studio, I am also feeling like I'm running a race with no where to sit down and take a breather along the way.  But another week, and the semester will be under wraps and my weekends will once again be mine. Summer, and already there are readings and open studio plans.  Plus a full dose of margarita and lakefront picnic plans and Italian ice plans and a variety of  outings. It cannot get here soon enough...

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