Saturday, May 04, 2013

Another Saturday in the library (and Sunday) and hopefully I can catch up on a few things:some re-do's on layouts that are trapped on my pretty much defunct work computer (two layouts that were still in progress and now I have to do them from scratch-boo!), an interview about the upcoming girl show, and some new cover designs. Plus, my self-evaluation for work and everything I really haven't been able to do because of said defunct work computer. I've been using a painfully slow old extra PC in back that sucks when it comes to actually trying to do anything swiftly or efficiently. 

Otherwise, there are more apocalypse poems to work on, updates to wicked alice, and my own submissions to tend to. I also have some tiny new succulents for my windowsill and some pretty nail polish coming in the mail (vestiges of cash birthday presents.) And my new printer, which will speed up my progress on getting orders out exponentially.I've been muddling through til I had the extra cash, but frankenprinter desperately needs a replacement.

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