Tuesday, May 14, 2013

and finally

it's really spring, or summer, or some ungodly warmth that finally did not require a coat or heavy knitwear or tights or any of the things that I have grown to hate so much.  Today there are polkadot dresses,  new buckle shoes,  chinese takeout,  and plenty of sunshine.  There are extra studio hours and stacks of chapbooks far as the eye can see, and sewing copies of i cheated on Chanel No. 5 with the most exquisite red embroidery thread.  My mood is tenuous, though, and I feel like it might just be tiny niggling little stresses that really don't amount to much, but are there at the edges nevertheless.  this week is stretching extra long toward the weekend, and then the semester is over and summer begins and there is nothing but blue sky beyond...

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