Thursday, January 03, 2013

Today was one of those awful early evil dark mornings I'd have preferred to stay huddled under the covers. Mornings where getting up and into the shower is a chore, where the commute is a cranky one, and I feel like my shoulders are all knotted and tight. Mostly it's just winter and all of its attendant anxieties, but also some printer issues (Epson #2 has weird purply streaks that were not remedied by new ink or anything else I can think of) that has me playing Frankenprinter and trying to revive the Epson #1 (who had paper feed problems back in the summer, but has been sitting on my floor ever since) by placing the paper handling apparatus from #2 inside #1 and hoping for the best. I'm still having some issues with the blacks on that machine running dry and streaking, but I think a couple more rounds of nozzle cleaning will fix those. *fingers crossed* Otherwise I might be buying Epson #3 (or maybe another machine that doesn't seem to have quite so many malfunctions, even though it prints lovely colors.)

Otherwise, this dreary day has brought the usual tasks & treats, textbook reserve lists, raspberry lattes, chilly desk shifts. I'm thinking of perhaps heading out to see Les Mis tomorrow night if I finish everything I intend to finish this evening (barring printer complications). I'm thinking about my kitchen clean-a-thon this weekend. I'm thinking about things to make with my new watercolor set. I'm thinking about just muddling on through til spring.

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