Monday, January 07, 2013

monday, monday

Had a rather crashy landing back into my week full of weird e-mail hacking, packed and forgotten lunches, cold weather, broken espresso makers at Dunkin, and general Monday grumpiness. It was a good weekend however, though quite hermit-like, in which I lazed about on Saturday and played with my new watercolor set (I'm never sure what I'm doing when it comes to paints, but I was working on some little abstract landscape postcards I will sharing soon). And then Sunday began, not with the kitchen clean-a-thon as planned, but in the dining room/workspace, organizing all those sewing, jewelry, and art supplies that were getting unruly and finding the top of the table for the first time in months (also, three cat toys under the metal shelves, some bejeweled paper brads I'd nearly forgotten about, and a whole stack of slips that were put away needing mending and got lost in the shuffle.)

Today, though rough at the start, has produced a couple lovely book cover designs for upcoming titles in my otherwise non-functionality, which is something.  Not much, but something.

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