Sunday, September 23, 2012

Today was an odd day in which I swiftly wrote several pieces of the moon project and then got frustrated in planning my Detroit trip itinerary next month and left work feeling like I'd whittled away the whole day like a dull pencil, but was actually in retrospect pretty damn productive. The prose poems need work and it's just a tiny series that may, god willing, one day be a chap, but I like them and the concept behind them. Yesterday, I did wind up spending a good chunk of time giving a last look over girl show, which occasionally feels like something someone else wrote a long, long time ago, and certainly not me. It will pass, the dijointedness, but for now it's sort of freaky and unfamilar. Five years is a long time, especially when you consider 5 years before that I was writing the bulk of the fever almanac poems and how they are very different from the 2006 poems. Meanwhile, there are promotional questionnaires to be answered, hype to build, buy-my-book dances to be performed (I do intend on having a big release party possibly with both bread and circus aplenty.) And this, the cover design which turned out so ever lovely.

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