Saturday, May 26, 2012

Leonora Carrington, Letter to Dana

Another blissful three day weekend, and one that kicked off with a couple of awesome nights out with friends, one to celebrate graduations in the archives department, another the usual every other Friday night margarita outing, this time out on the rooftop deck at Cesar's, which made it really feel like summer (well it was a little chilly, but eating outside to me equals summer nevertheless.) It was a weird week at work, full of college-wide administrative bullshit, and I was glad to end it on an upnote. This weekend again I plan to do much of nothing, maybe some writing and perhaps some more little organization projects, maybe some reading. I am getting groceries tomorrow, so perhaps a little cooking (I've been looking to make penne rosa again, but never have all the ingredients.) We will be open til 7 again in the library this week so I'll be a bit more back to normal in terms of schedule. Otherwise, there are books to lay out, readings to plan, and manuscripts to read, and my own work to fiddle with.  I'm hoping to finish off the current series, the house and bee poems before the end of June and submit it somewhere, also perhaps another short project that is forming at the back of my head. Stay tuned...

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