Thursday, May 31, 2012

I am making it a point to write at least something in ye old blog daily , no matter how short or banal my entry. Today, rain and more rain. I woke up from a rather sexy dream about rather innapropriate men to the racket of the tuckpointing crew below who have been working their way steadily along the north side of the building. As for this afternoon, I feel a little like I'm spinning my wheels and getting nothing much accomplished. I did sit down before lunch and make a list of everything I want to have finished before the bookfair, including the bookmarks I've been meaning to get to for about a year. In fact, I think I intended to have them done for last year's Printer's Row and they just keep getting pushed aside for other fires. Same thing with the totebags and probably a half dozen of other things I'm probably forgetting about right now. Otherwise I am speculating over non-annoying mailing list plans for the press and places to submit work since I intend to stay on top of doing it, at least to a couple places at a time.

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Sherwood said...

i've similarly re-committed to blogging. it's a strange thing for me: when i blog, writing is more top-of-mind than when i don't blog. maybe it's a mindset that leads to blogging or maybe the blogging opens it up. don't know. doesn't matter either way. :) i've been lurking & reading here a while, but i always appreciate it when you post!