Thursday, March 15, 2012

spring feverish

We have been blessed with some amazingly lovely weather this week, so I am totally feeling it, craving ice cream and wanting to pull out the flip flops, though its really to early and no doubt winter will come back to bitch slap us at least once in the next month. I am still moving slowly in recovering from the tornado that hit the studio the last few weeks, but I am hoping to have all requests and orders out the door by tomorrow night that I am behind on and a couple new sets of galleys going out to their authors, plus a couple new releases by Emiliegh Barnes and Jane Flett coming in the next few days. There is always so much to do, and I soon as I think I'm catching up a little, I'm behind again. There are also some new things I will be adding to the shop in terms of zines and art prints that I've been meaning to, plus some originals if I can get them photographed.

My insomnia project plotting from the other morning is hatching even more fortuitously than I thought. I've been wanting to work on something that is horroresque, vaguely Lynchian, and sort of surrealistic (well, even more than usual). Plus it combines these things with a recent obsession with Americana and roadside motels (it's a little bit Psycho meets Shining in that respect.) We'll see what comes of it.

Otherwise, there are new collages I've been plotting, new kitten additions pending, excitement over next week's Hunger Games movie release, zombie relationships (not relationships with zombies, but old connections that are resurfacing and which I am wary of lest there be more drama like before Christmas) new poetry book aquisitions to read, and general contentment amidst the chaos.

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