Friday, March 23, 2012

bloom: a postcard

I've been thinking alot about ways of being a poet in the world than the officially sanctioned and commonly acceptable ones. About audience and poetry in the context of people who do not typically read poetry, who tend think it is this musty academic thing that happened sometime around the beginning of the last century but rarely (if ever) happens now. About what I want poems, as an art form, and particularly my poems, to do, and how I want them to engage with the world outside the closed in society of poets and critics. What form of distribution, publication, dissemination serves that engagement. I've been thinking alot about the idea of "permission" in many contexts, personal, relationship-wise, but mostly in regard to art & writing and the practice of such. I am working on a couple of guest blogs about these things and am making notes, so more soon..


Robby said...

This is a beautiful picture, and a beautiful post.

annette boehm said...

i've been intrigued with the idea of guerilla poetry, poetry left in public places, and 'book drops' - fun ideas. somehow i never really got involved, but i should. :)