Monday, January 16, 2012

This has been one of those rare mythical beasts that only rolls around once or twice a year called the "three day weekend" in which, after putting a full day of work at the studio on Saturday, I mostly hid out in the apartment, sleeping in, cooking yummy mexican food, and watching the remaining seasons of Weeds on Netflix. There was a little bit of writing, some housework, some organization. Some laundry, some grocery shopping. Late last week, snowy hell finally arrived and with it, a dip in my mood, but things seem to be brightening up.

I've got another slate of books just about ready to release in the next week, titles by Laura Goldstein, Cindy Savett, and Megan Kaminski. There is also the landscape/architecture zine project I have been putting off printing far too long and polishing up the JF poems since I am thinking of submitting them somewhere as a group.

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