Saturday, January 21, 2012

I went to bed last night with one of those heavy headaches but woke up this morning with the title of a new (as yet unwritten) mss. in my head and a quiet, snow laden world. I am mostly drinking hot sweetened black tea, reading a little, and working on the last of the peices of the narrative project, which is taking shape more and more as I go. I feel like I am telling a story in layers, one layer placed over the next to make a whole. It feels good. It feels like there's a goal (rather than alot of projects that go on and on and never seem to end until I declare them finished in frustration.) Perhaps that is why there are ghosts of other projects in new ones. I am in the progress of pulling together blurbs for the Black Lawrence book and decided to take look again at the poems again last night. In a couple of places there are lines that echo things in beautiful, sinister. Maybe it just means that I am not that original, or maybe more that I don't always resolve things in one manuscript that I try to resolve in new ones. This is certainly true in the first two books.

Yesterday, I declared "book cover designpalooza" and, waiting out the snowstorm in the studio, pretty much over the course of the evening sussed out preliminary designs for all the chapbooks that are waiting in the wings (at least the ones I'll be designing, not including some that are being done by external designers/artists). As soon as I finished the layouts and they go to the authors I'll be doing another quickfire release to get them out in time for AWP. I have also started planning the open studio at which you'll be able to procure said titles and other lovelies.

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