Saturday, July 09, 2011


One of my favorite new online addictions is pinterest, which works so much more effectively than having random bookmarks all over the place of things I want to buy, style inspirations, decorating & wardrobe ideas, etc.

Summer is in full swing now and I am trying my best to squeeze every bit of enjoyment out of it and not work too much..last night I had planned to spend the entire afternoon and evening working, but opted for working all afternoon in the studio and then an evening out with friends downtown, which was fun and left me feeling less ragged and workaholic. It's a difficult balance, to have a life that is built around the fun stuff, the art & poetry stuff (which is so very awesome), but also trying to remember that I do need something of a life outside of it, I guess in other words that all work and no play makes Kristy a very stressed out and dull girl.

This weekend I am mostly holing up and working on some poems, doing some cleaning, and sleeping ever so blissfully late.

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