Thursday, July 08, 2010

Yesterday was another productive day in terms of thriftstore haul--a beautiful aqua rimmed plate set, some more slips, some cute alabaster deers, another plate set, an adorable woodland plaque, and a miniature painting of venice. Today yielded some more cups (more of these--my favorites) and some fabric. Five days into my vacation and only now am I starting to relax. Somehow, even vacations themselves make me feel uneasy, like wasted time, though I suppose that is the point after all.

Last night, as I was falling asleep in a very dark and quiet room, I was cataloguing other things in my head that make me inexplicably uneasy--horses, clearings in the woods, certain types of architecture, larger birds and fish. One of the thrift stores we visited yesterday is an an old restaurant and it weirded me out that you could still see the restaurant layout..where the kitchen used to be, where the main dining rooms were, the labyrinth of banquet rooms now filled with objects and furniture. Torn down, abandoned, or burned out buildings also make me uneasy, or buildings where things have been built over or covered up--doors, windows, closets. That old Sunset Drive-in is similarly creepy and unsettling, the buildings in ruin and the screen rusted through. Today, we drove by what I can only assume was a similarly rusty drive-in or walk up restraurant in the middle of a field on Rt 2, surrounded by grass, the pavement having grown over completely, as if it were never there.

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