Wednesday, July 21, 2010

weekly covet: wanderlust

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For as much as I am terrified of flying and get stressed over traveling, I LOVE roadtrips. I can spend a whole day in a car without batting an eyelash provided I can entertain myself or have good travel company (or nice scenery to gaze at). When I was kid, my dad used to load us all into the car and go for long rides, sometimes a whole afternoon into evening to nowhere particular and back again. I have never been to California, but someday I want to drive the whole way out, eating in roadside and sleeping in questionable motels and seeing that whole span of land in between...

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Terresa said...

Happy travels! I get antsy and a bit ill-tempered when I pack and travel, too. The worries hit me, most often at the beginning of a trip, until I ease into travel mode.

PS: I also checked out your writing web site. You are an amazing poet!