Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Sadly, we will be missing out on this year's AWP in Denver, but you'll likely find our authors all over the place at other events (I am trying to compile a list to post in the next day or so.) I always feel like it takes me weeks to recover in terms of work/assembly anyway, and general mental/social exhaustion afterwards, so I'm sort of glad to be sitting this year's out...I will miss the sheer bounty of the bookfair, though, since it would be nice to track down more easily some titles I've been meaning to buy. I can't say much about the rest of the conference since mostly the last two times I went I hid behind the book fair table the entire time, which usually prevents the vertigo I seem to suffer from when confronted with too many poetry conversations.

Today has been the longest day, which started with a drive back from my parents, quick drop offs at home and then the studio and then to work until tonight. I can tell when I get cranky and overtired since every single thing has the power to piss me off immensely. I really just need a night in my own bed where I'm not waking up every hour or so. On the plus side, I did some serious scoring in the thriftstore shopping expeditions Monday, including a ton of vintage purses and some slips to revamp, as well as a giant gorgeous gilt mirror and a rose hued velvety chair, which I decided to keep for the apartment and not the studio after all. Otherwise, the last couple days of lightning and deluge has made the grass a rich green and brought a sudden profusion of buds on the trees. I was sad to see the city went with a lot of red and yellow tulips and less pink in the beds along Michigan Avenue, but I will get over it I suppose. On the way back into the city, there was a man selling strawberries off a truck almost in the middle of a busy intersection. I really wish I'd bought some..

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