Wednesday, April 14, 2010

mid-week round up

This week I am abuzz with brewing creative projects (yay!) and boy drama (boo!) Of course I start to miss the drama when it’s not around so I am torn, as always, over how to handle it. Meanwhile, I am waiting to begin work on all those purses I picked up over Easter and I’ve secured a huge bag of vintage earrings to make into new hair clips, so look for those in the coming week or so. And there are always new flasks --I have some gorgeous new papers from Paper Mojo I’ve yet to cut into. I feel like I’ve been searching endlessly for economically priced chiyogami since one of my suppliers went AWOL) but they are more expensive than I would like and I’ve yet to re-find some of the designs I was using over the winter. I also have a huge wholesale notecard order and all that soap I made last weekend to package, so I need to fit that all in around working both days this weekend at the library. Creatively I feel like I am moving through molasses, though, in terms of getting projects actually finished. I’m also sleeping entirely too much, which will hopefully change as the weather gets warmer, and crawling out of that comfy bed won’t be quite so traumatic. If anything getting older has made me less able to withstand surviving on less sleep. I used to stay up all night on occasion and still be able to function, and am naturally a night owl anyway, but lately at some point I hit a wall and everything-even my eyes-start to hurt. The last few times I thought I might start hallucinating, have a panic attack, or just curl up and die somewhere.(I think the last time was the first day of AWP last year when I stayed up making books all night--anyone who ran into me that day probably found me alternating between loopy and despondent) ) As I move further into my thirties I imagine this will only get worse.

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