Thursday, April 29, 2010

Last night I dreamed that I had been asked to return to my college theatre to stage manage a play opening night that I had neither read, seen, or been to any of the rehearsals up to that point. Not only was it a musical, but also took place in a swimming pool. After spending hours trying to read a damp mimeographed copy of the play. I was finally taken upstairs, where my next task was meticulously pouring colored glitter into small vials that would be used as makeup but also involved some sort of complicated circuitry that would trigger the spotlights, which would display each characters aura while they were singing. The vials kept spilling and I kept wondering why they had wanted me to do this.

I have similar theatre related dreams sometimes, odd since I haven't set foot backstage in over 12 years. Stage managing was always both a control freaks dream and nightmare at the same time, insanely stressful sometimes, and eventually I let all that go in favor of more solitary control freakiness. Even though I didn't do much acting past high school, I also still occasionally have dreams where I haven't read the play/have forgotten all my lines, and the feeling is very similar to the readings I dream about where I've forgotten my poems and am expected to recite them from memory verbatim. Both induce a similar feeling of panic..

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