Wednesday, January 20, 2010

winter blahs

Today, paused at the intersection where the bike path joins the lakefront at Ardmore, in warmer months usually thronged with bikers and beachgoers, I was hit with such an acute longing for summer and warm weather that it put me in a funk all day. I am still debating the feasibility of a birthday trip to SC in April, a much needed getaway, but part of me wishes I had planned something for now, when winter seriously begins to wear out it’s welcome, (if it had one at all.)

I am trudging along, however, and feel a bit more on top of things this week than usual. Of course, chaos always seems to skirt the edges, so I am cautious of order and quiet. I always feel like November is the bad month, when everything feels in danger of falling apart, but this winter, that feeling has been pervasive and I wish I could shake it. It’s just weather and moodiness and I’ll snap out of it come spring, surely. In the meantime, there are books and busyness, poems and new crushes, myriad little projects and maybe some adventures. I have managed to catch up enough to remove that weight on my chest lately whenever I ponder the to-do list. I’m hoping I can distract myself enough from fretting until May.

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