Sunday, October 04, 2009

Indeed as I suspected Thursday evening, I managed to finally come down with a cold this season, having just been bragging that I'd made it through September for once. This one is actually not too bad, and I'm swiftly on the mend, but I am holing up in the apartment this weekend. The last couple of nights I ordered chicken noodle soup from takeout places and found them sadly lacking (one not enough noodles, one way too salty), so once my groceries are delivered this afternoon, I aim to whip up a pot of my own, along with some fried apples I've been craving like mad.

Thursday night's reading at the Revolving Door series was a great time. Red Kiva is super slick and swanky, and I felt like I should have been draping myself over the piano and singing torch songs rather than reading poems. I think they are actually aiming for an interdisciplinary vibe with music and comedy and such in the coming months. It's a totally new series and their next one is in November, so watch the calendar for details. Friday night at St. Pauls was also a success, a full crowd with even some people standing and our poets ever so amazing. I also sold nearly every copy of all four books and had to send a couple of the poets home short handed on their author copies.

Today is the first day with some sun after a couple of rainy nights and a rather dismal grey Saturday. Yesterday I spent wrapping soaps and making some necklaces whilst watching Possession, which I loved but amazingly I hadn't ever seen..(I think when it came out I was turned off by Gwyneth and her fake British accent) I had set aside the book on my desk at work to read a few years ago and gave up eventually on finding the time to read it, so checked it back in. I'm finally back in the habit of reading on the bus again (I don't have much choice, since they've recently switched to alot of sideways seating vehicles, which means I lose my daydreaming out the window habit.) The last couple of things I've finished have been Kathryn Davis' Versailles and Kathleen Rooney's Live Nude Girl which certainly gets some interested glances from my fellow commuters.)

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