Tuesday, July 14, 2009

news & notes

*The summer wicked alice is nigh, though I am still working my way through the inbox which I've been slacking on since submissions closed in May, so bear with me. In dgp news, I am in the final stages of two books (Blue Grotto by Rachel Webster and Stephanie Anderson's The Choral Mimeographs), so will be posting new releases soon. Three others are underway, and I intend catch up by the end of summer on the schedule if it kills me (yes, she says, while wasting valuable time blogging.) Of course, admidst all this, I vow next year will be a lighter load, but of course will be overexcited by submissions and accept way too many books to publish yet again. It's a vicious cycle...

*This weekend I will be sitting on a panel discussion "Publishing Chapbooks and Books" at the DePaul Summer Writing Conference with Tony Trigilio and Joshua Corey, which should fun. The conference is a bit spendy, but seems to have a great line-up of workshops and discussions offered and well worth the money and conveniently right downtown.

*I'm having one of those flighty, weird rushing days where I can't concentrate on any one thing for very long, alot like bees in the brain. I'm working on some new postcards for the shop, as well as some carousel horse necklaces. I am also going to attempt making blueberry cobbler from scratch with some yummy berries a co-worker brought back from Michigan. Watch the news to see if I manage to burn our apartment building down.


jane said...

Hi — just checking in. Joshua Clover and I won't be anywhere near DePaul this summer. maybe you are partying like a rock star with Joshua Corey?

kristy bowen said...

yep..wrong Joshua, damn those C's...:)