Monday, July 06, 2009

Just had an excellent weekend that included shopping, mini-golf, ski ball, fried chicken, cute babies (the kind that are thankfully not mine so thus remain adorable) and fireworks. I also managed to get out into the garden to get some pretty floral shots I hope to do something with, mostly hydrangeas and hollyhocks. I get another longer vacation at the beginning of August, but there is too much to do at this point in the summer to take anything longer than a couple of days. I am working on the next batch of chaps that will bring us up to date on the publication schedule entirely (by Rachel Webster, Sarah DenBoer, Jen Blair, Stephanie Anderson, and Sarah Gardner) as well as filling a huge batch of orders. (thank you so much to those who have shown their support of dgp amidst all the cyberstalking unpleasantness by buying our books and supporting what we guys rock!) I will be getting everything out this week.