Wednesday, March 11, 2009

spring subscription steal

Now through April, get all of our 2009 titles delivered to your doorstep quarterly for a mere $100 dollars, including work by Susan Slaviero, Kristen Orser, Dawn Lonsinger, Stephanie Anderson, Talia Reed, Kate Durbin, Jen Blair, Sarah Den Boer, Rachel Webster, Julie Strand, Sarah Gardner, Brooklyn Copeland, Erika Wright, Jaqueline Lyons, Dierdre Dore, Erin Elizabeth Smith, Elizabeth Barbato, Shelly Taylor, Sara Tracey, Nava Fader, Leah Browning, Katie Capello, Laura Madeline Wiseman, Stephanie Goehring, Melinda Wilson, Cindy St. John, Renee Angle, Eva Schlesinger, and Jessica Bozek.

Plus, a couple of surprises TBA..

go here for details

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Katie Cappello said...

What a great deal! I wrote about it on my blog, hope it brings people to Dancing Girl.