Monday, March 16, 2009


*This morning I mailed off a copy in the bird museum for the annual PSH Exchange, which is always great fun. What was really cool is the book I got was LaDonna Witmer’s The Secrets of Falling, whose very cool cinepoems I discovered through a link from the exchange a few years ago, so I was happy to get this copy of her latest, which looks to be a lovely melding of the visual and the written.

*I am still working on getting the web pages up for the three latest chaps in the next day or so after our printer malfunction.. I am also in the midst of laying out about four others which will soon be on their way to their authors , with another two almost set to go. I have to keep telling myself they will get done when they are done, but already I feel that slippage of control when I am behind schedule that I hate think I’m badly just in need of another couple hours in the day, another day in the week, another week in the month, and so on. *sigh* And of course, when I start feeling overwhelmed, all those nasty control freak tendencies start rearing their heads.

*I have taken to bribing myself with doing fun things in exchange for un-fun things when I am at home. If I do the laundry, I can work on some new earrings. If I straighten up the continual mess that is my dining room table I can sit down and write that letter to R. If I wash the dishes before they are all gross in the sink, I can shop for supplies. If I sweep the kitchen, I can work on a poem. I feel like I am continually bartering the unpleasant for the pleasant.

*The day job feels especially soul-sucking lately and I have very little patience for some of the patrons who seem to be constantly trying to get away with anything and everything. We've caught at least three thieves in the past week, stealing everything from non-circ books to magazines. Plus, there's a higher than usual slate of the clueless and/or overly needy, the gloriously self-entitled, and the occasional irate faculty member. On the plus side, Starbucks next door has a rather delicious lemon tart (and I like, you know, paying my rent and all), so I endure.


Talia said...

I'm excited about all of it! Thank you for all you do for the world of poetry!

Kate Durbin said...

Oh no, please don't make such beautiful things, all in good time.

LaDonna said...

Thanks for the link! :)