Saturday, March 28, 2009

bits & peices

* I am slowly catching up on press work, even though my new printer is giving me problems in terms of ink quality (my black covers are not streaky anymore, but smeary..). Luckily, I still have the Epson, but it needs a black ink cartridge, which I can hopefully get this week. Twice I have nearly hoisted all three of the bastards from the 9th floor studio window, so if you are downtown, you should watch out. I get paid this week, so am thinking I may just invest in something a little pricier that can do everything. Until then I am making do.

*at home the past couple of days I have been playing with soap and lip balm, the results of which are actually turning out better than I expected and not nearly as messy and chaotic as I'd feared. Lip balm is actually messier than the soap, and everything, the entire apartment, is extra delicious smelling. I've already tried a bar of the gardenia scented soap and plan to try the rosewater next...(which I also whipped up some bath salts for.) I am still working on packaging ideas for everything and plan to iron them out this week. It's actually alot of fun, and since I've always been such a bath product whore, it's cool to actually have a hand in making some.

* This show is making me very happy. Since I dont have tv reception and no cable, I have to wait until they put the episodes online, but last week's was awesome, and this weeks as so Buffyesque I loved it...Since it's Fox and will probably be canceled any moment now, you should check it out..

*Today it's awful outside, cloudy, rainy, the wind howling outside my windows. I went to grab my mail from the vestibule and nearly was blown outside when the door opened. I slept in pretty late today and I am determined to spentd the rest of the weekend holed up with the kitties and soap and maybe some poems. I am especially resting up since I'll be working Saturdays for the next month or so. April will be busy with lots of readings and events, so hopefully I will make it through my birthday at the end of it.

*I'm also planning a few press and shop related giveways in mid-April, so stay tuned.

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Kathy said...

Now you've gone and turned me into a bath products whore too. I got my Ambrosia and Orange Blossom package yesterday and I'm in heaven. I can't wait for the rose soap.
I was so bummed when Serenity was cancelled. I'd better go and have a look at Dollhouse pronto.