Monday, February 16, 2009


Much activity afoot, even after the AWP craziness. Saturday, I got to do some tag team reading at Links Hall, which depite my exhaustion and on the verge of just being non-verbal, was a fun and goofy time. Last night, I had a reading at the Orange Alert series with Jason Fisk and James Kennedy (the author of this book, which so reminded me of a cross between The Phantom Tollbooth and my favorite movie ever, Labyrinth, that I had to buy a copy, even though I usually stay far from young adult books (not enough sex and violence, this from a girl who grew up on Dean Koontz-like horror and VC Andrews..) Tonight I am heading over to the Waiting for the Bus series at Jak's Tap (I was supposed to read in December, but was too sick to go.) Tonight, I'll be sharing the bill with Pam Miller, whose work I love...

After that, I think I'll be retreating back into my little hole until I have a couple of events in April..

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