Sunday, February 22, 2009

13 things I am loving

mustard and blue
mustard and blue - by wickedpen on

mustard and blue color combinations
photo booths
the zoo in winter
sea glass
sunday afternoon naps
cashmere cardigans
love letters
dance movies
mango mandarin lotion


Radish King said...

I am an absolute fanatic for dance movies. My favorite is Strictly Ballroom. Have you seen it?

kristy bowen said...

I love that one..and actually that's a pretty great movie all around. I'm a little more embarassed, however, by my shameless love of things like Center Stage, Dirty Dancing, Flashdance, Save the Last Dance, Honey, etc..:)

Talia said...

And don't forget Grease and Hairspray, and Satuday Night Fever

My parents were big into disco in their day, and they lived in Milwaukee early in the marriage/ courtship, so I always pictured them in their own dance movie.