Thursday, September 18, 2008

I am working on so many things its making my head spin. First there are still a bunch of orders from the summer sale and just general purchases that need to go out tomorrow for dgp, as well as the subscriber copies on the last three chaps. Add in another 10 copies of one for a bookstore, another 10 copies for an author, and possbly 30 for a class--all on books that seem to be constantly out of stock..Tomorrow, thankfully, I'm in the studio all day long and I might be able to get them, as well as more of Kristi Maxwell's book to ship out to her done by tomorrow night..(I am working Saturday all day so that's a wash). Sunday I must clean house..and put away alot of stuff that I've just been piling on the dining room table and floor the last couple of weeks.

In addition to much going on there, I need to get stuff made for next weekends antique market, which means making paperweights, flasks, cigarette cases, and other various lovelies. I've been working on new collges and some ACEO's for the shop, as well as lots of new necklaces made from old watch parts that just need chains as soon as my clasps come in. I also have beaucoup supplies for some charm bracelets and christmas ornaments I'd like to get started on. And of course, I need to restock the notecards, as usual, plus I'm planning some samplers and box sets, sort of like last year's gift boxes..'s exhausting...

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Kasey said...

so busy!
we are in the same boat.