Sunday, June 22, 2008


This is the first weekend in a while that has consisted of pretty much total of solitude, and as much as I like having things to do, and that those things keep me out of trouble, I do like having entire sheets of time to myself.

The weekend progressed pretty much as follows:



10:00 wake up, check e-mail

10:30 ignore messages. Go back to bed for two hours.

12:30 lunch on leftover chicen fried rice and an eggroll whilst reading the etsy forums.

1:30 commence my grand plans for vintage wallaper rolls, of which only one out three possible projects actually pans out.

3:30 photograph these and several other items for the shop

5:00 mid-day crying jag over romantic traumas. get over it.

6:00 nap

7:00 order in Thai food and fiddle for two hours on a poem that won't fall into line. Poem wins for the night.

9:00 put in Twin Peaks Season 2 DVD and make earrings until all hours of the morning.


12:00 wake up, drink tea and eat an orange while reading poetry blogs.

1:00 dye a batch of slips the lovelist gray shade.

2:00 Photograph earrings and other new items.

3:00 read some of Claire Hero's Afterpastures (CakeTrain, 2009).

4:00 read some older blog entries and determine that the end of June is usually a weird time for me. Also determine I used to be smarter somehow in my posts.

5:00 Watch a hailstorm freak out the cats and torture the moral majority on the etsy forums.

6:00 weekly long motherly phonecall in which I determined my life, though hectic, is no way near as fucked up as some of my extended family..

7:30 make pasta and iced tea and work on the previous night's poems. Abandon it after an hour in favor of reading design blogs and wishing my apartment had a new paintjob.

9:00 add items to the shop and brainstorm ideas for new stuff.

10:00 spend two hours reading random poetry related stuff online and determine that I'm still not quite sure what flarf is.


shug said...

maybe it's the poetry that's making you mad, not the sex.

kristy bowen said...

LOL..that explains it...probably a combination of both...

michi said...

argh. men.

i don't know what exactly your boy trouble is, but ... my facebook status today reads: "Michaela finds this space too small for her rant about moody, unreliable men who blow hot and cold and can't make up their minds."


but at least the lovely poetry box arrived today!

kristy bowen said...

oh good...I hope whichever mail man or customs agent who pocketed the others is having a scandalous good read..:)Of course, I'd probably steal them too, they are pretty cool...