Saturday, January 05, 2008

dgp new & bits

*Mark Wallace talks about Something Really Wonderful..

*We've added another chap to this season..probably because we're a little bit masochistic and can't help ourselves when it comes to stellar work. And, besides, it's just one wee little series of poems, what can it hurt? So we're happy to announce that Maggie Ginestra's short series of Darger inspired poems, Deep in the Safe House, will be squeezed into late April. Again, I spotted one of these amidst the WA submissions and demanded she send them immediately to dgp. Check out her work in the latest issue..

*Looks like we will not only be sharing a booth with two other Chicago presses (the Switchback gals & the boys of Featherproof Books) at next year's AWP here in Chicago, but also perhaps at Printers Row this summer. Not sure how much poetry sells at something like that, where most people seem to be looking to buy John Grisham and cookbooks, but it'll be a fun thing to do nevertheless. And there have to be SOME poetry readers in Chicago besides us poets, right?

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